NEWS\ Wednesday 17 October 2001
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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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The Council of Senior Scholars rejects the "fatwa" of Hamood al-'Uqlaa ash-Shu'aybee...

Earlier today, Fatwa-Online was informed that:

The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia considers the "fatwa" of Hamood al-'Uqlaa ash-Shu'aybee in which he spoke about the "al-Qaa.idah" movement of Usaamah ibn Laadin "not worthy of adhering to."

The Council went on to clarify that "Hamood al-'Uqlaa is a graduate from the Faculty of Sharee'ah, and was also previously a teacher at the Ma'had al-'Ilmee (Knowledge Institute) in Riyadh, and then later a teacher at the Faculty of Sharee'ah itself. He then transferred to the Faculty of Sharee'ah in Qaseem where he entered retirement due to his old age, in accordance with the law (of the land)."

The Council added regarding al-'Uqlaa "...that his fataawa are extremely out of focus, especially this fatwa in which he has declared the permissibility of spilling the blood of innocent people."

The Council stressed that "ash-Shu'aybee has no right to pass fataawa, and that he never previously held such a position. It also stressed that the passing of a fatwa is not accepted except from one who is suitably qualified and prepared with complete knowledge of the Sharee'ah and its evidences."