NEWS\ Monday 26 November 2001
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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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UPDATED: Shaykh Rabee' speaks about affairs in Afghanistan...

From Al-Ghosli (

"All praise is due to Allaah, Lord of the World, and prayers and peace upon the Chief of the Messengers. This is the position of our Shaykh, the 'Allaamah, Muhaddith, amongst the remainder of the Pious Predecessors in truth, Abu Muhammad Rabee' ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee (hafitha-hullaah), I heard it from him in his house, yesterday evening, 7/9/1422H (Thursday 22/11/2001), in the presence of a group of youth, and amongst them are some of the writers on Sahab.

This is his position, may Allaah preserve him, in summary:

1. That the Northern Alliance are greater disbelievers than the Yahood and Nasaaraa, and it is vile alliance, a gathering of Baatiniyyah, Rawaafid, Communists, Atheists, Secularists and Socialists.

2. Why did the Islaamic Jama'aat not announce that fighting this alliance is from Jihaad, despite the fact that this alliance has been in existence for over five years??

3. That the Taliban are the best of those present in the Afghani plains, and that they are a thousand million times better than the Northern Alliance - and that Shaykh Rabee' himself advised the adherents to the way of the Pious Predecessors in Kunar and elsewhere to co-operate with the Taliban, and that this is better than showing enmity to them, alongside what they have of errors.

[NOTE: The advice of Shaykh Rabee' to co-operate with the Taliban was said to be in the early stages of the Talibans' takeover, to the nephew of Shaykh Jameel ur-Rahmaan, and not recently, as the impression might be given from the above. This matter was made clear to us by one of the brothers Jazaa-Hullaahu Khayr.]

4. The Shaykh considers that America is the oppressor, enmitous, and that it intends Islaam by this war, and the Shaykh, when he knew that America has sent 500 fighter planes, he cried, out of fear for the Muslims over there.

5. The Shaykh considers that the mutual shedding of tears of the Hizbiyyoon (Partisans) for the Taliban is not actually for the sake of the Taliban, but it is for what they have witnessed of the Takfiriyyeen being killed and being constrained - so they cry for them, and if not, then why did they not announce that fighting the Northern Alliance is Jihaad, despite the fact that this alliance has been around for more than five years.

6. The Shaykh is very upset and saddened due to what is happening to the Muslims and to the Talibaan, of killing and destruction at the hands of the Americans and the Northern Alliance, and the Shaykh sees that the Taliban are better than Ikhwan ul-Muslimeen, those who are linked with the Northern Alliance, such as the likes of as-Sayyaaf, and ar-Rabbaani.

7. The Shaykh is amazed at this oppressive onslaught against the adherents to the way of the Pious Predecessors and that it is as if they are the cause of what is happening in Afghanistan.

These are the most important affairs in the words of the Shaykh when he was asked about what is happening in Afghanistan, and these words have been recorded on tape, and perhaps Allaah may make it easy to place it on the Internet, may Allaah preserve him."


Translated by: Abu 'Iyaad